Sunday, February 9, 2014


Last Sunday afternoon, a family was to leave on a Make-A-Wish trip. A cruise that happens once a's a special one where the boat is reserved by some gospel music groups and all the bars and casinos are closed for the trip...anyway the flight to Miami was cancelled...they missed the trip!
I wondered why God would allow that....He knew all the details.

Last night (a much more minor incident), we got everyone presentable and left to see a travel movie at a local high school. I even planned ahead and had Ezekiel look at the map before we left. I packed a book and a flashlight so I could read while we drove so that only one voice was reminding him to notice things. I am normally the driving instructor during the week and sitting in the back seat of the van on weekends when dad is along is .....umm, difficult.  So I thought we were all set. Just as we were getting on the access road for the highway and police car came wailing past us and swooped up the on-ramp. We hoped he was just chasing someone, but no, there was an accident about 1/2 mile from the on ramp and we sat in traffic for an hour. Needless to say, we missed the travelogue.

Again, why?  was God just testing our responses? Was He teaching our children a lesson? Was He simply giving Ezekiel needed driving experience? Was He keeping us from some other danger that we will never know about here on earth?

In the case of our young friend and his cruise, his doctors did discover some new things this week and they said it was probably better that he was home instead of on the high seas, far away from his doctors. In a few weeks, they plan -Lord willing- to go to a resort for his Make-A-Wish trip.

I try to tell my children to hold their plans loosely, but if I can't model that, they sure won't learn it.

A funny from this morning: The older 5 children were bragging comparing how fast they thought they could get dressed for church.....some one said they could get dressed in mere seconds....Shekinah was a little confused..." I don't get dressed in seconds, I get dressed in clothes!"

And I think I found the best Sunday lunch!  Waffles using the 'complete' mix, but add 1 TBSP vinegar and 1/2 TBSP yeast to the 2 cups mix, 1-1/3 cup water and 1/3 cup oil. ( I double it)

Then thicken canned peaches....just drain off the juice, mix some cornstarch with the juice, heat to thicken, then add the peaches back into the now thickened juice....serve waffles, peaches and whipped topping.....
I'm sure it's very healthy.
 I know these aren't waffles, but they are the pancakes I made using the same extra ingredients....fried in bacon fat....

This is what you do with the groceries before mom puts them away.

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  1. I'm continuing to enjoy all your posts. :-) By the way, do you still put out the Adoption Newsletter? I haven't gotten one for a year, or more.