Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For My Southern Friends

                          This is the yard you blithely ran through with your cowboy boots and clogs....
                                 We didn't even grace the yard with a snowman, my children are sort of
                                    "bored" with snow.
                                     The tunnel to the front door, I hope we don't have any big UPS deliveries
                                 in the near future...hmm, I ordered knitting needles and a model rocket on Saturday
                                   night, wonder if the snow will melt before they deliver them.

                                      The picnic table is almost buried as is the fire pit.
                                      Here Hope models the depth of the snow for you.
                                            And Faith just needed to be included.

                                         Now a prayer request, I have a pinched nerve in my neck, it is making
                    everything difficult. According to my research 90% of pinched nerves just get better with
                     time and OTC meds. My doctor ordered me to add therapy 3 times a week.  I am really
                     hoping that the pain and numbness goes away that much more quickly.  This mama
                        has things to do. Those knitting needles? I ordered a book too, cause Hope told me,
                   in a fit of jealousy last week, that  I never do anything with just her and I ALWAYS pay so much attention to the others....yada, yada, but in a way it is true, so you think if we "schedule" knitting
                  classes on Saturday afternoons for an hour a week....can we teach ourselves to knit?
                    or will we just get frustrated and go to Wal*mart?

                  Maybe we should just crochet?   Stay tuned....

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  1. Snow pictures sort of make me homesick... just sort of...I enjoyed my walk the other day in the 78 degree sunshine pretty much too, daffodils and cherry trees blooming. Is your neck better yet? Praying... and come over and teach me how to knit socks, too. --Becky