Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"First?" Bilateral Amputee to Ride Ripstick?

After days of determined effort Joe has realized his goal of getting on that contraption. We hauled them home from China because the price was affordable. The older 2 boys were the first to figure them out. Then when Hope managed to weave her way around the driveway...well you do understand the role of sibling rivalry!

But if you have any worries about what is possible with 'fake' legs, please don't let that deter you from adopting a child that may need prosthesis. That part of his joining our family has not been the difficult part...
Now teaching him to watch his tongue and be a good future employee?   well.....


  1. I'm just jumping up and down over here. Also just posted this link on FB. I've learned to ride the ripstik - just a little - and it's hard. Go Joe. I officially declare that there's nothing this kid can't do! I can't wait for Wenxin to watch this.

  2. That is absolutely amazing! I'm calling my boys in to see this right now!