Sunday, November 4, 2012

Church with a Two Year Old

Last Sunday, she was sort of in shock and congregational singing was enough to make her sit still. This Sunday...not so much. The cheerios were almost gone by the time Sunday school was over, the stickers had lost their charm. By the time we started church, she was finished...climbing over the laps of siblings, talking loudly in Chinese, and giving mom a work out. I really had forgotten!  Then daddy pulled out his clean hanky ( not many people even carry them) and we played with that for awhile and she got so bored she fell asleep. 

So next Sunday, I will bring a clean hankie and maybe some water in the sippy cup....should I bring cheerios?  We'll see.
Think my hankie folding skills will keep her amazed?  My grandmother taught me how to fold the mice, but every little girl who ever played with a hankie in church knows how to make a cradle-complete with twins. Anyone else have hankie memories?

I even forgot it was Orphan Sunday... this came by e-mail today
 Because of His Great Love for us before the world even began....
We were chosen by God to be adopted as His children.... 
We Love because He first loved us.... 
A pure act of faith is to care for His children just as He cared for us...
Adoption is partnering with Jesus to see lives transformed....
     Adoption is a Miracle!! 

For those of you that are not from the adoption circles...go here and here 
They explain it better than I can.

Quotes from my house: Biggest girl to middle girl: "Let's pretend she has a broken arm"
Middle girl (indignantly) "No! We came to the dentist!"

Another Quote: Zeke to Ben "I want to take that course if they are still offering it."
Ben: "You really should,  it would be interesting...Mr_____'s brain runs in a straight line and yours...runs in mazes."

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